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Business banking you’ve always wanted

We are building an ultimate banking experience where you set the pace. Built by business owners for business owners.

6000+ Businesses
December 2017
Based in
Berlin, Germany
Raised € 10M+ from
VCs and Business Angels
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Penta Story

Penta’s story begins with a deep frustration. Our founders, Lav, Luka, Jessica, Aleks, Igor, and Sir, all serial entrepreneurs, many times had terrible experiences with their business banks. After the brief research in February 2016, they found out that thousands of businesses all over Europe were frustrated with their business bank as well.

Why? The banks were slow, inefficient, offering terrible online banking interfaces and bad support on top of it all. The degree of innovation and willingness to hear customers’ feedback or build the much-needed functionality was just scarily low.

It was clear that the majority of banks just didn’t care about small businesses or startups. This was a turning point when they decided to tackle the problem and build the best business banking solution for SMEs.

Penta launched in Germany in December 2017 and will be available in other European countries in the near future. In the first months after launch, Penta received an unbelievable amount of applications, and today, thousands of businesses all around Germany bank with Penta. Do you feel neglected by your bank? Go Penta!

Penta is the future of business banking

We are building a platform connecting the best financial services to the bank account. That way you can use one platform for all your business’s financial needs - from simple banking tasks to accounting, expense management, charging customers or getting loans.

Our Values

You set the pace

Penta is built based on your feedback and requests.

Keep it simple

We design Penta to be simple and very easy-to-use.

Let’s make it happen fast

Every month we deliver new features - helping you save time and money.

Be transparent

With Penta, you always know what, how much, when, and why.

The founders


Lav is a true leader combining the big picture view and the hands-on approach. An ex-Manager of Operations at Siemens and a serial founder, he brings the necessary expertise from both worlds: the professionalism of a corporate manager and the agility of a founder.


Luka is our visionary and the driving force behind Penta. He is a passionate writer and a contributor to the NY Observer. Luka leads PR & Growth initiatives at Penta.


Jessica always aims to put a smile on our customers’ faces. As a serial entrepreneur and an ex-management consultant, she supervised many customer relationship management projects for banks and insurance companies.
"Penta is improving business banking for the underserved market of small businesses and startups. We're glad to enable Penta to lead this great market shift for SME banking."
Marko Wenthin
CCO & Co-Founder of solarisBank
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solarisBank AG is a banking platform with a full German banking license, allowing companies to offer their own financial products. Penta leverages solarisBank’s infrastructure to offer you the best-ever business banking solution.

solarisBank is fully compliant with the German banking laws, it is regulated by BaFin and offers €100.000 guarantee on deposits. solarisBank raised over €100 million in investment and is a strategic partner of Mastercard for developing the novel banking solutions.

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