Multiple logins & Mastercards

Now all legal representatives of your business can access your bank account with the permissions you assign. Delegate small banking tasks while keeping full control of the account. No more passing the card around - get business Mastercards for your business partners.

Penta makes spending and expense management really easy

Account Access

Let each legal representative of the company access the account. Soon you will be able to give access to your accountant and your employees.

Real-Time Overview

See all company spending in one place as it happens in real-time. Categorize all the transactions easily.

Multiple Mastercards

Get a business Mastercard for each legal representative of the company and soon - for every employee.

Easily assign rights and permissions

Today, each legal representative of a business can get a personalised login to the Penta bank account. You can easily select the necessary roles & permissions for every user. Soon you will also be able to grant access to your employees or your accountant.

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coming soon

Company Cards for the Team

Order more Penta cards straight from your dashboard

Set individual spending limits for each user

Easily freeze the cards from your account

Currently, the additional cards can only be issued to the legal representatives of the company.

All Penta cards can be used for online/offline payments and cash withdrawals.


What permissions are available for each user?

Penta offers 7 different permission levels, including: 
- Prepare payments:
a user can only prepare online transfers but not send them.
- Send payments:
a user can send online transfers by verifying access with a code sent to their mobile number.

Why can I only add my legal representatives?

Your legal representatives have already successfully completed the online identification vetting during the onboarding process and can therefore be authorised to access any feature on the Penta account.

Soon you will also be able to add non-legal representatives.

How can I request an additional card?

From the Cards section of the app you can see all users who are eligible for a card.

Select "Request Card" and the cardholder will receive an email reminder to login and set their PIN. The card will be delivered to your registered business address within 14 days.

What happens when I request a second card for my Penta account?

We will send an email to the cardholder with instructions to log in and set their PIN. The card will be delivered to your registered business address.